Awarding 9 stands from 148 was a difficult task but we are so excited to have given a small recognition to the stands in the following category’s

1. Innovation
2. Inspired
3. Creative

The winners in the category of Innovation

1st place – Galvanica
2nd place – BlikBeker Homemade Products
3rd place – Square Coffee & Kitchen

The winners in the Inspired category

1st Place – Something-Artsy
2nd Place – Annabelle Venter Ceramics
3rd Place – Liefde Wen NAM

The winners in Creative Category

1ST Place – Frieda Lühl Jewellery
2nd Place – FIMBI
3rd Place – Vagary



The best is show had to encompass all three of the other category’s and the winner for the best on show was awarded to Stillhouse Atlantic in Swakomund


Thank you to each and every exhibitor that took part in this years’ experience- We know you had time to showcase your product and services and it was seen by the concerning Namibian that lives for NAMIBIAN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.