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About Inspiration Tables

Fresh 'n Funk

The aim for the 2018 experience is to put the funk back into our life’s, feel the fresh and let the 2018 colour “TANGERINE TANGO” put some excitement and a breath of “new” into the air- building on a year of new beginnings, rejuvenate past ideas and practises and live to fulfil your personal goals and fascinations.

“Tangerine is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.

As curators at this premium handcraft and service exhibition we aim to provide a redefined platform to exhibit and sell your perfect imperfections. A platform for like-minded people to interact, learn and form part of the Namibian Vision 2030 Portal. Envisioning development in all sectors to make Namibians more self-sufficient and learn the trade of producing and creation of high end non-mass produced products and services for the Namibian Household and export trade which form part of the organic and made with passion movement.

The Inspiration Table Mission continues in 2018

To provide curated, thought about, one of a kind and authentic hand created goods of the highest possible quality to the public on a fun, interactive and sharing platform creating a policy of easiness, honesty in design and creative perspective.

The Inspiration Table Vision

We stay true to the mission enabling visitors to experience true artistry through design and the creation processes of non-mass production of items and or services and artistry in all its forms be it design, craft, hobby patenting, service delivery of goods and services, be it edible, art, domestic or corporate in use, graphic or musical in form.

What a year 2017 turned out to be

A new baby “born” out of necessity for Namibians to Experience Lifestyle at its best. For a long time, we as Namibians had to live without the concept of a Lifestyle experience where the senses can be overloaded with a showcase of incredible products and services and as we Welcome you to Inspiration Tables 2018 we know the platform was set  in 2017 for an amazing new experience.

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